Message from the Director

Welcome to the Course of Study School of Ohio (COSSO) which oversees the West Virginia Extension at Spring Heights. The Course of Study (COS) program is established by the Division of Ministry, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). The General Board of the United Methodist Church is charged with establishing the curriculum of the Course of Study.

The West Virginia Extension is for Part-time Local Pastors – except through special arrangements by the GBHEM. We are unique in that we provide a retreat setting and students are permitted to take up to two classes per term. Each course within the five year Course of Study paradigm is offered during the same term each year. Each class is a 20-hour educational experience.

We are blessed with an exceptional faculty comprised of seminary professors, college instructors, and pastors serving in local churches. Regardless of current vocation, all share a passion for the Course of Study which helps provide you with an excellent educational experience and most have served in the local church, many in multiple point charges similar to the situations you face in your charges. Each year we host students from West Virginia to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania to Michigan. This works to provide a variety of perspectives and creates an enriching learning environment.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, committed to your COS experience, welcome to the West Virginia Extension at Spring Heights. We hope you find this part of the United Methodist connection to be a community of support and care. May your COS journey at the WV Extension School help grow your gifts for leading the local church and serving God’s people.

Grace and Peace,


Rev. Greg Markins

4 thoughts on “Message from the Director

  1. Hi Greg
    Don’t know if you will remember me or not. I attended COS there a few years ago and just loved Spring Heights and West Virginia.
    I have a question, do you offer any other activities there or courses, workshops that would be a weekend long, which I could attend? Or my husband and I could attend?
    Just wondering.
    Freddie Webb

    1. Hi Freddie,
      Yes I do remember you. Beyond the Spring, Summer and Fall Terms for COS, we do not offer other courses or activities. However, I encourage you to check the Spring Heights website ( as they offer various events throughout the year.

  2. Greg, can you tell me when registration will open for fall session? Where can I find the syllabus?

  3. Bob,
    The Fall Term registration should be available by the end of next week. Keep checking the website under the “Schedule” tab. I will also post notice on Facebook when Fall Registration is open. Thanks for your inquiry!

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