Our Community

“The Course of Study student body is made up of Part-time local pastors, many who are bi-vocational and serving multiple point charges.  We have students coming from sixteen different states who bring a diversity of culture, theology and ministry experiences.  

We have an exceptional faculty comprised of seminary professors, college instructors, current/former District Superintendents and pastors serving in local churches.  Regardless of their current vocation, all share a passion for the Course of Study program.  By nature of our retreat setting, students have an opportunity to share meals, fellowship and worship with instructors.

Our instructors aim is to help students grow in their pastoral leadership while providing them with an academic and practical education. Many of our students, who generally serve multiple-point charges and hold full-time secular jobs, come to the WV Extension for both the educational piece as well as a time of retreat. It is within this community of gathered pastoral leaders where together, we are growing as “we are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”